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The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Episode 14: Final Defense 

The most news stories we have ever covered including a lot of new pictures released. Within the news we talk about the character's look and our opinion on them. We talk about the new Hunger Games official tumblr site,, which is a Capitol fashion site. We debate who is a bigger threat in the games, Cato, Thresh or Katniss. As well as whether Clove has it in her to kill Katniss. We review the Hunger Games board game and the Movie Magic Magazine Hunger Games edition. We end the ending the show with each host's book recommendations. 

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Reader Comments (1)

Matt's British accent = WOW!!! So good!! (take my word for it; I'm English and therefore know what I'm talking about!)
Also, interesting point about that song 'After The Storm', whilst listening to this podcast it was pouring with rain and there was a lightning storm. Ironically, it all cleared up the exact moment that this song started playing - spooky huh?!

Loving the podcast so far (I know I'm behind, I'm getting there) and am looking forward to the other episodes~
District 4

April 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCaitlin

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