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The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Episode 59: Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review

Mockingjay Part 1 has been released! Chris and Kira gush about the film hitting all the major scenes. The soundtrack companion which Lorde curated has also hit Spotify/iTunes, we talk our favorite songs and compare to previous Hunger Games albums. Email/tweet us what you thought of the movie, soundtrack and score. 

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Episode 42: Make Some Friends

Since it’s award season we got a few announcements in that category, along with some other Catching Fire movie news such as new posters. A mini review of Jennifer Lawrence's most recet movie, Silver Linings Playbook is featured. Chapter 16 of Catching Fire is analyzed where we are introduced to more tributes such as Beetee and Wiress. We ask ourselves if tributes that have modified their body through surgeries are allowed enter the arena in that state, or is that considered an unfair advantage? A review of the new iOS verison of Hunger Games Adventures video game is featured. We wrap up the show with a song, some listener emails and a new twist to the book recommendations.

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Episode 41: Fatniss

In this Valentine's Day episode we feature one of our favorite special segments, Hunger Games Dating Game, where we portray anonymous HG characters on a dating game show. We cover Catching Fire news as well as a few awards won in the fandom. During our discussion of Catching Fire Chapter 15, we are introduced to many new victors including Finnick. We analyze Katniss and Finnick's relationship. We question why Chaff didn't accept a prosthetic arm. Would Darius and Katniss had a romance if she hadn't been a tribute? Would Katniss and Peeta have ended up like all the other victors as a celebrity if only one of them had made it out of the arena alive? We feature a fanfiction that takes place on Katniss and Peeta's first date. To end the show we relate a romantic song to Finnick and Annie's relationship.

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Episode 40: Zing!

News stories center around Jennifer Lawrence's big week with awards, nominations, and hosting SNL. Francis Lawrence (Catching Fire Director) and Sam Claflin (Finnick) shed some light on how Finnick will be adapted to the big screen in an interview. An interview also revealed insight on how Francis Lawrence and Woody Harrelson (Haymitch) are developing Haymitch's character in the Catching Fire movie. While discussing chapter 14 of Catching Fire, we discuss the 50th Hunger Games including the relationship between Haymitch and Maysilee Donner. In the segment, Dark Duels, host debate on which character, Madge, Beetee, or Greasy Sae, would win in the arena against each other.

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