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The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Episode 36: K-Time

We announce our nomination in the Podcast Awards. To help us win vote daily at, scroll down to the category General select Nightlock Podcast, then fill in your name and email then hit submit. It's really easy so please be sure to support us by voting every day! We report news on the composer of Catching Fire and who recently got hurt on the Catching Fire set. Chapter 10 is analysed which brings up some questions to discuss. Should Katniss have believed Twill and Bonnie about District 13 still existing, did they have enough proof? Did the cement house in the woods exist before Panem, or did Katniss and her father build it? Should Katniss still attempt to run away with her family and friends or it is just a fantasy? Feature the What if...? segment where we discuss, what if Katniss hadn't volunteered for Prim and she had to go to the games, would Peeta have like tried to make an alliance with her if she had made it past the blood bath? Emails read include responses to what might have happened to the world before Panem was form. 

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Vote for Nightlock in Podcast Awards

We have been nominated for the Podcast Awards for the Best General Podcast, in order to win we need your help. Voting begins today, November 1st, and ends November 15th. Please tell your friends, family, twitter followers etc. to vote for us. Its fast and simple. All you need to do is go to scroll down select Nightlock Podcast in the General category, then fill in your name and email and hit submit. Some people may receive an email verification, if you do just follow the instructions. You can VOTE EVERYDAY! If you have any questions just email us at May the odds be ever in our favor!


Episode 34: You Need Counseling

We announce the nominations for have started, please nominate Nightlock Podcast for the two categories Culture/Arts and General. Our new logo is revealed, along with an email subscription to stay updated with the show. News announcements include 3 more casting announcements which are probably the last. One of our most extensive chapter analysis on Chapter 8 of Catching Fire brings up many topics. Should the rebels killed Katniss as a martyr? Was Katniss a true leader? Why is the form of punishment so low-tech while in the districts it is high-tech? Would Katniss be open to counselling? 

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