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  The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

The Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Slim-Fit T-Shirt 3XL

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Episode 50: Katniss Chronicles

To celebrate this special landmark episode I interviewed the creators of the Katniss Chronicles, an audio drama of the Hunger Games series. We discuss production, acting, and funny behind the scenes stories.

Follow the Katniss Chronicles on Twitter @KatnissChron and check out their website, and be sure to subscribe and review on iTunes.

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Episode 49: Tick Tock

Guest host Chris joins me on this packed episode discussing news, the new Hunger Games inspired reality show, Comic Con panel highlights, trailer feedback from you listeners, and even a Capitol Opera song. Catching Fire chapter anaylsis covers chapters 21 and 22. How will Mag's death be adpated? How will Francis Lawrence adapt the loss of muscle control in the movie without looking cheesy? Was the morphing from District 6 aware of the plan to take down the gamemakers and escape?


Follow Chris (@ChrisCast95) and me (@KiraDineen) on Twitter!

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Episode 46: Thinking Like A Career

There is a new poster to discuss, the Cannes Film Festival and more. Catching Fire chapter analysis continues with Chapter 19, the first chapter Katniss is in the arena. We discuss, is it morally right to kill someone in self defence? A brand new segment, Would You Rather? brings up the question if we would rather be an avox or hijacked? We announce our new Twitter account, @JLawQuote. You can follow for a daily Jennifer Lawrence quote. You may notice an imporved sound quality as we have upgrade some of our equipment!

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